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House keeping


Please take note that some items are not included in the rental. We suggest to pay a close attention to this list of things you might need to bring for your own convenience.  Thank you!

Bedrooms :

  • Bed sheets & pillow covers*

  • Extra blanket (If you tend to get cold at night)

Kitchen :

  • Paper towels

  • Salt, pepper & other spices

  • Coffee filters

  • Dish soap

  • Dish cloth

  • Cleaning products (Hertel Multi, Fantastik, Vim, ...)

Bathroom :

  • Towels & face cloth

  • Toilet paper

  • Tissues

Living room :

  • Starting wood

  • Burning wood**

  • Matches

  • Board games & a deck of cards, in case it rains

  • Sound system and VCR

Outside :

  • Starting wood **

  • Charcoal***

  • Marshmallows

  • Wood**

*(Please refer to the chalet's description to know how many sheets you need.)

**(We do not provide fire wood, you will be able to find some at most grocery and convenient stores, as well  as renovation centers.)

***(Some chalets have a gas Bar-B-Q, please refer to the chalet's description.)

Note : Some of our televisions do not function with DVD players.

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